€ 21,00
Brand: Gate on Games Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 8052080020845 N° of players: 1+ Playing time: 15-45' Age: 6+ Author: Matteo "TeOoh!" Boca, P.S. Martensen

21 Games from Microgamesia, is a portable game library, a collection of high quality modern games (no public domain), designed to explore all the types of 21st century games, from drafting to resource management, from party games to dungeon crawlers... and much more!

21 Games from Microgamesia is made of 21 cards vividly illustrated front and back, cubes, disks, a die and the rulebook: everything you need to take the game with you anywhere, in any game environment.

Microgamesia offers games to suit every taste and every situation: strategic games for two players, exhilarating party games, challenging adventures... Microgamesia is perfect both for game nights with friends not too keen on games, and for gaming clubs with expert players. You don’t know what game to bring to your game night? With Microgamesia you don’t have to choose.