Who We Are

Our business started in 2005 as Rishadan Magic Store from a wish of Dario Monteleone: to

open a Boardgames Store, his passion!

We started as street shop and online shop of collectible cards (like Magic) and them we widen to boardgames, role-playing games and related accessories.

On 2011 we moved our seat to the current location and started with the organization Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Force of Will events and evening boardgaming events.

In the meantime the success obtained from boardgame events and from the ever-increasing demands from our customers drove us to give up the old name too sector-specific.

On 2018 we decided to boarding in this new adventure: to realize our own online web store so born White Ship Games and Collectibles name that enshrining both our personal passion for playful world and a tribute to the author whom with his novels inspired us from day one.

Finally after many years that wish became reality: we are proud to welcome all our customer, loyalist and novices, in our online store wishing that you can find all boardgames and cards in order to complete yours collections!