€ 129,95
Brand: CMON Language: English Conditions: New EAN: 889696011428 N° of players: 1-6 Playing time: 60' Age: 14+ Author: Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Nicolas Raoult

This military-themed expansion features not only the same Campaign Mode and Advanced Rules seen in Washington Z.C., but also a slew of new additions like a special Military Equipment deck, new regular Equipment and Pimpweapons to replace the core ones, military base tiles, veteran survivors, and, of course, zombie soldiers! All this comes to life in a brand new 10-mission campaign set in Fort Hendrix, a military base where mysterious experiments were being conducted in relation to the zombie infection.

13 Miniatures

97 Equipment Cards (41 x 63 mm)

40 Zombie Cards (41 x 63 mm)

6 Survivor ID Cards

91 Objective Cards

6 Double-Sided Game Tiles

6 All-Out Dice

7 Tokens

1 Campaign Sheet Pad