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Brand: MS Edizioni Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 8051772100223 N° of players: 2-6 Playing time: 60-90' Age: 14+ Author: Hervé Lemaître

Historic characters from the American Wild West face off and write new legends across the face of history! Gather your gun, your mount, and your grit as you forge your path into the history books.


Western Legends is an open-world sandbox tabletop adventure for 2-6 players set in the American Wild West. Players assume the roles of historical figures of the era, earning their legendary status in a variety of ways: gamble, drive cattle, prospect for gold, rob the bank, fight bandits, pursue stories, become an outlaw, keep the peace. The possibilities are darn near endless.

1 Game Board

6 Player Boards

13 Miniatures

6 Colored Bases

12 Score Cubes

12 Story Discs

2 Dice

36 Gold Nuggets

1 Emporium

6 Wound Counters

12 Character Cards (63.5 x 88mm)

40 Story Cards (63.5 x 88mm)

52 Poker Cards (63.5 x 88mm)

6 Summary Sheets

48 Goal Cards (45 x 68mm)

54 Money Cards (45 x 68mm)

54 Item Cards (45 x 68mm)

13 Confrontation Cards (45 x 68mm)

11 Man in Black Cards (63.5 x 88mm)

36 Tokens

1 Rulebook