€ 8,90
Brand: Vae Victis / Cérigo éditions Language: French Conditions: Used Excellent Condition N° of players: 2 Playing time: 45' Age: 10+ Author: Jean-Philippe Gury

The games simulates the first week of the Irish campaign occurred in 1798. One player controls the French army and the Irish patriots and the other player controls the British army and the Irish militia. It has 60 counters, 2 pages rules and a one page map. It covers the campaign in Ireland in 1798 when General Humbert landed in Kilcummin in County Mayo, with a 1000 soldiers, sparking an Irish rebellion against the British. After winning a battle at Castlebar the French force was eventually defeated at Ballinamuck.

60 Counters,

2 Pages of Rules,

1 Map.