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Brand: Nuts! Publishing Language: English Conditions: New N° of players: 1-6 Playing time: 90-300' Age: 14+ Author: Sébastien de Peyret

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Discover brand new game mechanisms for tactical Modern Warfare!


Urban Operations uses blocks to simulate the Fog of War, and blocks rotation to show units hits.


From the very beginning the development of Urban Operations, all the complexities that occur in urban warfare have been taken into account. On a classical game board, terrain symbols on the map and specially designed rules help to represent weapons effects, which are one of the main sources of casualties during urban fightings.


In the same way, the map system allows the management of distant fire, even from building to building, as well as close quarter battle from room to room. When explosives are used to breach walls, or when a shell hits its target, collateral effects of the explosion are taken into account. It was also critical to integrate one of the major players of today’s conflicts, which is the civilian population. The presence of non-combatants often complicates the way forces can use their weapons, especially against irregular opponents.


In addition, the presence of tactical leaders is a real asset for assault squads. And combat service support teams can deliver logistical support on the frontline, in order to enhance the operational status of any element.

• Four 72cm x 54cm and one 72cm x 13cm game maps
• Two 24cm x 30cm game map (underground)
• 199 die-cut counters
• Rules booklet in english
• One 82 et one 74 stickers sheet
• 2 player aids in english
• 16 scenario player aids in english
• 160 wooden blocks
• 1 set of 144 playing cards
• Ziplocks
• 3 Campaign rules booklet in english
• 2 dice