€ 29,95
Brand: Cranio Creations Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 8034055582718 N° of players: 1 Playing time: 20-40' Age: 12+ Author: Tomáš Uhlíř

Aliens have arrived to conquer Earth. Enemy ships fill the skies. Humanity retreats to underground bunkers located below cities across the globe. Stand against the common threat! Fight the invaders city by city. Build a team from around the globe to save your planet and defeat the aliens!

5 purple ships
4 white ships
3 plastic tokens
7 wooden dice
1 excavator token
1 Mothership tile
4 sky tiles
3 basic tiles
3 city tiles
1 Rules
1 campaign block (campaign mode)
4 comic chapters (campaign mode)
14 additional cities (campaign mode)
12 upgradeable characters (campaign mode)
13 unique scenarios (campaign mode)
9 additional bases and sky tiles (campaign mode)
cardboard scenario tokens (campaign mode)
1 orange special ship (campaign mode)