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Brand: Little Rocket Games Language: Italian, English Conditions: New EAN: 0806891590503 N° of players: 2-4 Playing time: 10-20' Age: 6+ Author: Giampaolo Razzino

Make way for the funniest CROCODILE in history !!!

Here is Tic Toc, ready to make Captain Hook and his Pirate Crew escape to help you achieve victory.
But if you want to be him, the villain of the villains of the Island that is not there? So here's Smee making Peter Pan run wild with the Lost Boys ...

Everyone knows about the noble deeds of Peter Pan and how he managed to defeat Captain Hook with the precious help of the Lost Boys and the glittering Tinker Bell… but let's face it, the real hero of the story can only be him: TIC TOC. The one who, when approaching, with only the ticking, makes the most fearless captain tremble with fear!

Quick and easy fairy tale card game with old-fashioned graphics. A beautiful journey through time for adults and a beautiful setting for children.

Draw cards, put your team on the table until you can start Peter Pan with 6 Lost Boys cards or Captain Hook with 6 Crew cards. But watch out for Smee who will take away your good team or Tic Toc who will make your bad team run away. Don't worry, the Pirate Treasure and Tinker Bell will come to your aid ...

18 Lost Boys Cards

18 Crew Cards

4 Little Bell Cards

4 Tic Toc cards

4 Peter Pan cards

4 Captain Hook Cards

4 Sponge Cards

8 Treasure Cards