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Brand: Raven Distribution Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 0807330819094 N° of players: 1-5 Playing time: 60-90' Age: 13+ Author: Antonio Ferrara

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Tales of Evil is a game for 1 to 6 Braves (the name used for the players from now on) who become one of the members of a group of kids called Pizza & Investigation. During each adventure, the young Investigators venture into places inhabited by the forces of evil and need to get out alive—while trying to complete their missions! The Investigators will have to use all of their strength and ingenuity to stop the Demons they meet along the way, not to mention the Evil that resides in the places they explore. But that’s not all, and here is where the Braves come into play—you and your friends, that is—because Tales of Evil is an adventure that, based on your decisions, can end in many different ways. You will be the protagonists, and the sole responsibility for your fate and that of your friends is in your hands!

1 Rulebook
1 Story Book
1 Event Book
5 Dice (Glow in the dark)
6 Boards
7 Investigator cards
7 Investigator figurines
1 Hourglass
7 Investigator bases
7 Investigator miniatures
1 Aberration miniature
216 Cards (65.5 x 88 mm)
1 Walkie Talkie marker
1 Terror marker
1 Panic marker
1 Group marker
2 Panic markers
4 Key markers
4 Mystery markers
4 Secret passage markers
4 Dark markers
4 Passage marker
6 Match markers
4 Clue markers
10 Track markers
18 Battery markers
24 Corps markers
24 Mind markers
24 Fear markers
1 Bag
1 Poster