€ 44,95
Brand: Gate on Games Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 8052080020272 N° of players: 2-4 Playing time: 45-60' Age: 10+ Author: Reiner Knizia

In Tajuto, players take on the roles of the Buddhist monks, trying to achieve the highest spirituality. On their turn, they can activate their action tiles to draw (and build) pagoda tiles from the bag, make offerings to gain meditation points, and acquire tiles that will help them progress more quickly or earn them spirituality points. Activating more than one action tile or acquiring tiles costs meditation points. The game ends once the fourth pagoda is finished. The player with the most spirituality points wins.


The key feature of the game is drawing the pagoda tiles from the bag. The pagoda tiles have a decreasing size per level. Players are welcome to blindly rummage around to try to recognize the floor by its size, but they aren’t likely to be able to detect the color this way, so drawing the floor size they want depends on their tactile recognition, but they have to weigh their odds to draw the color they want.

1 Game Board
8 Pagodas
1 Bag
4 Pawns
12 Action Tiles
32 Offer Cubes
15 Wisdom Tiles
4 Transcendence Tiles
6 Additional Action Tiles
8 Target Tiles
8 Opening Tiles
1 Rulebook