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Brand: MMP Language: English Conditions: New Release date: 28/08/2020 N° of players: 1-2 Playing time: 180-600' Age: 12 Author: Masahiro Yamazaki

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In October 1941, the German Army launched Operation Typhoon – the last major German offensive of the year. In an all-out attempt to defeat Russia and end World War Two, the Germans managed to see the spires of the Kremlin as their high water mark for both this battle and for the war. Over two million men fought in this desperate battle that would decide the war and the future of mankind.

Masahiro Yamazaki, the designer of the MMP games Red Star Rising and Stalingrad Pocket has designed his greatest game on this great conflict—Last Stand; The Battle for Moscow 1941-1942 (International Game Series, IGS). Using all the tricks in his designer’s bag, Mas has made this titanic struggle playable but without sacrificing a great sense of history. Offering 3 scenarios to show different aspects of the campaign, and a unique way of showing the plight of the Soviet morale as a nation faces possible complete military defeat, all in a manageable size, Last Stand is a game that has no competitor.



Solitaire Rating: very good to excellent
Complexity: Medium
Scenarios: 3
Game scale: Units are divisions, turns are ten days, and hexes are 17.2 kilometers across

One 34 by 22 map
420 ½” counters
28-page full color rulebook
2 player aids