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Brand: Hasbro Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 5010996223234 N° of players: 2-5 Playing time: 90' Age: 14+ Author: Stephen Baker

Morcar sat motionless on his throne of pure jet, deep in thought. His eyes scanned the image of the Emperor’s lands which he had conjured before him. He had been so close to victory, so nearly had he trapped and destroyed the Emperor and his forces in the ancient fortress at Karak Varn. But he had been foiled at the last minute by the Emperor’s accursed Champions. The same fate had befallen his powerful ally, the Witch Lord, whose Army of the Dead had crumbled following the slaying of their leader.


Morcar needed some new and subtle means to attack the Empire and weaken its forces before he could lead his armies against them once more. Suddenly his gaze froze and a smile sent ripples through the lines of his ancient face. A plan had come to him.

A month later, Morcar again sat back to examine the scheme he had set in motion. He had never before considered the ancient race of Ogres as a potential tool. Their undisciplined and random nature made them unreliable as servants and dangerous as allies. However, using the magical arts at his disposal, Morcar had planted one of his Chaos sorcerers, Festral, within the subterranean fortress of the infamous Dirgrusht Ogre clan. Drawing from a magical pool of Chaos power, Festral had subtly taken control of the Ogre clan and started them on a series of raids on the Empire’s farmlands. This was only the beginning, for as raids went on, other Ogre clans and Orc tribes came to swell the ranks of this new army.


Italian edition by Hasbro.

Quest Book with 10 Quest

28 Miniatures

29 Cards

29 Cardboard Tiles