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Brand: Draco Ideas Language: English Conditions: New EAN: 0634438896005 N° of players: 2 Playing time: 120' Author: Nicolás Eskubi

Help Arrives! (HA) is a stand-alone game in the War Storms series 100% compatible with A las Barricadas! including the international help received by the Nationalist and Republican as well as many other units that fought on both sides during the SCW: The International Brigades, the Italian Corpo Troppe Volontarie (C.T.V.)


HA while utilizing "PTH" base rules, incorporates new and adapted rules and additions for this new tittle. The WSS promises many hours of fierce fighting between the infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft belonging to the armies enveloped in this conflict. Just a few of the additions include:


Battalion officers
Communist Commissars
Recon rules
Flamethrower tanks
International Brigades
Corpo Troppe Volontarie (C.T.V.)
Condor Legion
One 8'5 x 11" chart with many overlays


HA has a moderate complexity with good solitaire suitability. The system emphasizes the role of officers. Officers can activate units, coordinate with other officers and their units, call for artillery support, air support, influence moral checks, coordinate assaults, and much more. Rules for special actions.


Based on the principle of simultaneous execution, or simply "WE GO", a hybrid system of turns and "real time". The players must activate unit leaders to perform many actions (fire, assault, move, coordinate, etc). A turn ends when both players have completed all their activations. The scale is platoon level with units.


Representing groups of between 30 and 40 soldiers, weapons units represents groups of 3-4 weapons and their accompanying crews (20-25 soldiers), and the AFvs-Transports representing groups of 3 to 5 vehicles and their corresponding crews. Scenarios are divided into turns representing about 12-15 minutes of action.


Turns are divided into the following phases: Command Phase, Initiative Phase, Activation Phase and Marker Removal Phase


The game uses isomorphic mapboards, each of which are aligned to any edge of equal length on any other mopboard. This allows for an almost unlimited number of combinations to create any terrain situation, including player designed scenarios. Each map hex represents a distance of approximately 150 to 200 metres.


English language edition by Draco Ideas.

4 Isomorphic Maps
8 Overlays
5 sheets of Counters (3 of 5/8” and 2 of 3/4”)
1 Standard Rulebook
1 Exclusive Rulebook
7 Scenario Cards featuring 13 scenarios
3 Charts and Table Cards
2 Battalion Charts Cards
2 six-side dice
All the KICKSTARTER Stretch Goals