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Brand: dV Giochi Conditions: New EAN: 8032611695025

The ultimate solution for organizing game boxes!


When you open the game box, do you find pieces scattered everywhere? Are you tired of using uncomfortable zip bags and do-it-yourself cases? Do heaps of counters mess up the table during the game?
Geekbox is a simple and ingenious solution for storing checkers, dice, tiles and other small components of your favorite games. Reduce the set-up time, open the lid and start playing right away!
The Geekboxes are designed to be stackable and optimize the spaces both inside the box and above the game table. With a clack!, the lid closes securely, preventing the contents from dispersing.


The perfect storage system for game components. Each Geekbox Slim set includes 4 boxes. 100% geek!

4 Boxes 7x7x2 cm