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Brand: MS Edizioni Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 9788831382014 N° of players: 1 Playing time: 60-120' Age: 8+ Author: Erick N. Bouchard

Abandon all hope!

Four Against The Netherworld is a supplement for Four Against the Darkness, for character levels 6-9.

In its pages you will find:

New classes: Demonologist, Cambion, Cleric of Zur, Cleric of Foryos, and a reworked Paladin;

A complete economic system for the Netherworld;

Rules for hex-based exploration, with plenty of terrain types, and a downloadable color map of the known regions of the Netherworld;

Six new spells for wizards and cambions;

New Reactions: Burn Souls, Capture, Conversion, Demonic Pact, Mercenaries, Demand Obeisance, and more;

Tables to generate encounters and events; Plenty of new, deadly monsters, including randomly generated Lovecraftian aberrations.

This is not a stand alone game. To use it, you need a copy of Four Against Darkness and Four Against the Abyss.