€ 44,95
Brand: Acies Edizioni Language: English Conditions: New N° of players: 1-2 Author: Enrico Acerbi

The game allows to study and recreate the most dramatic battle in the Alps front during WW1, a struggle that, due to italian High Commands unpreparedness, evolved in one of the worse disaster in the whole italian military history.


Compared to other offensives of the same period, where territotial gains were measured in meters or little more, often paid with appalling losses from both sides, the austro-german operation “Waffentreue” (Loyalty of arms) pushed back the whole italian front for 150 kilometers in few days.


But, after a loss of 300.000 casualties (most of them prisoners) and 1300 guns, Italy made a fierce, desperate resistance on the Piave river, and managed to snatch the victory from the jaws of the defeat.





2 Dice

403 Counters

1 Map

6 Tables and Charts