€ 99,95
Brand: Wizards of the Coast Language: English Conditions: New EAN: 9780786969173 Age: 12+

The Book of Many Things (192-page hardcover)—A book for players and Dungeon Masters alike with content that can be dropped into any campaign, all thematically tied to The Deck of Many Things

The Deck of Many Things (66-card deck)—Own one of D&D’s most legendary magic items with a deck containing the original 22 cards with updated art, plus 44 additional cards that can be substituted to customize your play experience

The Deck of Many Things Card Reference Guide (80-page hardcover)—Deck guidebook showcasing each card in the expanded deck and a variety of ways the deck can be used

Deck Box—Sturdy custom box to store your deck and deck reference guide


English language by Wizards of the Coast.