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Brand: Cranio Creations Language: Italian Conditions: New EAN: 8034055582114 N° of players: 1-4 Playing time: 120' Age: 14+ Author: Tommaso Battista, Simone Luciani

Barrage is a resource management strategic game in which players compete to build their majestic dams, raise them to increase their storing capacity, and deliver all the potential power through pressure tunnels connected to the energy turbines of their powerhouses.


Each player represents one of the four international companies who are gathering machinery, innovative patents and brilliant engineers to claim the best locations to collect and exploit the water of a contested Alpine region crossed by rivers.


Barrage includes two innovative and challenging mechanisms. First, the players must carefully plan their actions and handle their machinery, since both their action tokens and resources are stored on a Construction Wheel and will only be available after a full turn of the wheel. The better you manage your wheel, the earlier your resources and actions come back to you.

Second, the water flow on the rivers depicted on the board is a shared and contested resource. Players have to intercept and store as much of the water as they can, build dams (upstream dams are expensive but can block part of the water before it reaches the downstream dams), raise the dams to increase their capacity, and build long tunnels to channel the water to their powerhouses. Water is never consumed — its flow is just used to produce energy —, it is instead released back to the rivers, so you have to strategically place your dams to recover the water diverted by you and the other players.


Over five rounds, the players must fulfill power requirements represented by a common competitive power track and meet specific requests of personal contracts. At the same time, by placing a limited number of engineers, they attempt to enhance their machinery to acquire new and more efficient construction actions and to build and activate special unique-effect buildings to forward their own developing strategy.

1 Map board (double-sided)
1 Management board
1 Energy track
1 Patent Office board
8 Headstream tiles
10 Starting Setup tiles
6 Bonus tiles
6 Objective tiles
45 Contract tiles
6 National Contract tiles
15 Advanced Technology tiles
58 Credit tokens
4 Company boards (layered player boards)
4 Construction Wheels
4 Starting Contract tiles
7 Executive Officer tiles
20 Basic Technology tiles
1 Special Technology tile
4 Player Aid tiles
20 Automa tiles

30 Water Drops (blue)
3 Neutral Bases (natural)
3 Neutral Elevations (natural)
34 Excavators (brown; 24x value 1, 6x value 3, 4x value 5).
26 Concrete Mixers (gray; 16x value 1, 6x value 3, 4x value 5).
48 Engineers (12x each player color - fuchsia, teal, black, white)
20 Bases (5x each player color/design)
20 Elevations (5x each player color/design)
20 Conduits (5x each player color/design)
16 Powerhouses (4x each player color/design)
4 Turn Order markers (laser etched, 1x each player color)
4 Victory Point markers (laser etched, 1x each player color)
4 Energy markers (laser etched, 1x each player color)


Rule book Automa rule book