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Brand: Gate on Games Language: Italian, English Conditions: New EAN: 8052080020807 N° of players: 2-4 Playing time: 60' Age: 10+ Author: Emanuele Briano

890 A.D. is a game of placing tiles among the sunny fields of lavender of Provence. As protectors of these lands, you will gain points by raising the defenses in your dominion against the raids of the Moors! You only have 8 rounds to make your lands thrive by the construction of buildings and crops, calling allies back... or ending up in ruins!


As nobles, you have your castle and your dominion, a territory where you can build fortifications, religious buildings, inns and crops of different types. Your prosperity also depends on the possibility of calling to you specialists, other nobles or prominent people who can guarantee you special favors and abilities.


Carefully plan your moves and create rows of lavender fields, poppies, olive trees and wheat, and redeem the opportunity to call to you a new character under the banners corresponding to the colors of your crops, remembering that, once filled, your dominion’s grid cannot be altered in any way.


The interaction with other players is all on the board: tactical choices of the right tiles, the abilities of certain characters that will allow you to move smart and effective (like stealing coins from other players or trading cards that might be interesting for your game strategy!)... all this to avoid the fury of the Saracens, that are always in ambush, and if any of you will be struck by this misfortune... others could take advantage!


Bilingual edition by Gate on Games.

54 Tiles
4 Banners with Stands
24 Cards (67 x 44mm)
5 Boards
2 Summary Sheets
32 Pawns
54 Coins
12 Counters and Tokens